Vendor Agreement & FAQ

Ready to apply? Please read through the Vendor Agreement* below, so that you're familiar with our policies and procedures, then click on the button below to apply!

Thank you for your interest in stocking your products in The Collective! We are currently looking for products to stock our new retail store; and can't wait to learn more about what you have to offer. 

Vendor Qualifications

We are looking for awesomely amazing women with awesomely amazing products like yours to join us at The Collective where we're doing something really revolutionary and ambitious... curating the most unique and one-of-a-kind products made by women, for women from women-owned businesses in the U.S. and abroad.


The vision for The Collective is to see women-owned brands thrive in both the local and global marketplace. To foster this type of environment, we aim to only include products that are original, handmade, unique, vintage, repurposed or designed by women. We also accept products that are manufactured elsewhere or mass manufactured, but we prefer products that have your unique touch on them. We will prioritize vendors that fall into these categories. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to only sell products that fall under this criteria, unless explicitly approved. Anything that does not comply with these terms will not be accepted or will be pulled from the store.


Unfortunately, we do not accept "resale" products, which includes MLM or party-type businesses. If we have questions regarding your products, we will contact you for clarification. Every product in our store is carefully curated to ensure our vendors are top notch!


Retail Store Location

We are currently searching for a permanent location. In the interim, we will be hosting temporary pop-up markets throughout the Chicagoland area, with our next one taking place April 10-May 10 at Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills, IL (north suburbs).  This location is in a prime location in terms of demographics, income level, and natural traffic flow. 


Vendor Information & Agreements

Any vendor interested in selling with us should complete an application and pay the non-refundable vendor fee. This fee covers all fees associated with your vendor set-up and welcome package. Once accepted, the vendor will work with The Collective to prepare their products for the store. We offer three vendor packages for our pop-up market:

Full Month Pop-Up Vendor- $500

  • Products sold in brick + mortar pop-up space

Please Note: 


  • When you purchase three months of the All-In or Flex Vendor package in advance, you receive one month free. 

  • All vendors will be given a designated space to display their products, based upon the category their product offering falls in. Please note that this is a retail environment, so your products will most likely be mixed with other products in the same category. Though product categories may be similar, we will not sell duplicate products with similar aesthetics or design.  Products may also be displayed in a manner that cross-markets with other relevant products. 

  • The Collective will provide all displays and fixtures. Vendor will be responsible for tagging/pricing their merchandise using their assigned Vendor ID Number. If we have to properly tag merchandise for you, an additional fee of $30/hour may be assessed to cover labor and materials. 

  • Vendor does not have to physically work in store. We  have a dedicated team of people who will be educated on your products; and able to convey your brand message. 

  • The Collective is responsible for vendor product set-up.

  • Vendor is able to curate their own products.

  • Vendor payout will be made 7 days after the pop-up event. 

  • All required forms (W-9, Inventory, Direct Deposit) will be included in your Vendor Welcome Package with details on next steps, submission guidelines, etc. 

Products, Pricing & Inventory

  • Your products must be marked with your Vendor ID Number and price in order to get credit for the sale. 

  • All products should be labeled by you.  Need assistance with your labeling? Ask us about our design and packaging services. 

  • Every product will be inventoried by our team. If local, we will complete an inventory sheet of our own, and it will be signed by you and a representative of The Collective. If out of state, we will inventory the products received, and within 24-48 hours send confirmation of receipt of your products along with a detailed listing of products received, the quantity, quality, and pricing on each item. 

  • Any products you sell in the store must be in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure they are in compliance with all copyright, food handling, labeling, labor, and any other applicable laws, rules or regulations. 

Setup, Stocking & Product Drop-Off

  • For local vendors, product can drop-off, shipping and receiving is ongoing, and can be done during any of our open hours, Mon-Sat. 10AM-9PM, Sunday 12PM-6PM.

  • For any products purchased through The Collective website, our team will process and ship items to customer, less shipping fees.  (if applicable) 

  • The following items are required prior to vendor set-up: vendor agreement, direct deposit agreement, W9, and product inventory form (for both locally and out of state vendors). Note: These forms will be provided in your Vendor Welcome package. 

  • We do have additional storage for inventory in the back room, so accommodating extra stock will not be an issue. Every vendor will have a designated storage area to accommodate extra inventory. 

  • For Local Vendors: If you are bringing items for restock that cannot be carried in your arms, they must be brought through the rear loading door. Contact a staff member to arrange for the doors to be opened for you. 


  • We provide a central checkout station for all vendors, with the exception of special event vendors. 

  • We will accept cash and all major credit cards. 

  • We will provide a rewards system for customers to encourage return visits. 

Marketing & Advertising

  • Every participating Vendor will be spotlighted on our website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We'll pull from photos on your feeds or take some of our own. :) In addition to this, vendors will be included in marketing flyers, mailers, press releases, e-blasts, billboards, etc. 

  • We will provide all vendors with an electronic packet of graphics to use on your social media accounts to advertise our Grand Opening, any specials or promotional days, workshops, etc. 

  • We will release announcements to the press, do extensive advertising via social media, send out mailers and place posters throughout the direct area to generate traffic to the store. In addition to this, the mall will also promote us on their website and respective social media pages. 

  • We encourage vendors to advertise through their own social media pages. Spread the word, and let your network know your products are available at The Collective. 


  • All vendors will receive payment via direct deposit, less sales tax and 3.5 % for credit card processing fees. 

  • Vendors will also receive a closing financial statement via email that will breakdown sales quantities, etc. 


  • Sales taxes will be collected through the central checkout and will be paid by us to the required agencies. 

*This agreement is subject to change without notice. Please check this site for updates. 

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